Permanent Hair Removal Considerations

The Brazilian laser hair removal technologies available reduce unwanted hair growth for longer period but not permanently. It is frustrating for a person to remove unwanted hair especially in difficult parts of the body unless the right method is chosen for removal of unwanted hair. By modern methods people can choose to get rid of the unwanted hair almost permanently and with ease.

Several technologies are available in the market by which long-term hair growth stoppage can be achieved. These methods include laser hair removal, electrolysis, intense pulsed lamps etc.

1) LASER HAIR REMOVAL: It is a new technology used to stop the growth of the unwanted hair. In this method the laser causes damage the root of hair without causing damage to rest of the skin. It is considered the one of most effective and safe methods of hair removal and suitable for large area. This technique enables the hair removal for light skin and dark hair only. Even if removed hair grows back it is usually thinner and lighter in color.

2) ELECTROLYSIS: This method reduces the hair growth for a long period if it is performed correctly and efficiently. In this method a thin metal probe is inserted into hair follicle (in a hair root) and electricity is passed through the probe. Due to this permanent damage is caused to the follicle or hair root, due to which hair stops to grow. Although the method is expensive and a little bit painful, it is still a safe method providing good long-term results. However, electrolysis may not be suitable for hair removal in large areas.

3) INTENSE PULSED LAMPS OR FLASH LAMP: Gives good and long term results in removal of hair. Here specific wavelengths of light are generated in a flash lamp’s and the full spectrum is transferred to the dark root of the hair to damage it. It is similar to the laser technology.