Careers In Child Day Care Management

Child care courses Sydney will teach you how to care for children, nurture their development and make sure their environment is safe and supportive and is ideal for individuals wanting to work in childcare or wanting to be qualified. Do you love interacting with children? Have you always dreamt of working with kids? Handling children is not only a big responsibility but also a daunting task. Childcare workers foster and teach children of all ages in childcare centers, nursery schools, pre-schools, public schools, private households, childcare homes, and other such places.

Need for Child Day Care Providers

The percentage of working women is growing and thus, number of families where both the parents are working is increasing. This creates a rise in the need for child day care workers.

Parents are constantly looking for professionals who can handle children in an efficient manner. Finding a Child Day Care centre means much more than just choosing a place where children can be kept safely and comfortably till their parents return from work.

Children spend more than half of their day in the child care centre and interact with the child care professionals. Thus, parents are selecting a person who can have a positive impact on their child’s intellectual, social and emotional growth.

Parents need to choose a professional who is responsible enough and handles kids in a patient and loving manner. Before involving themselves in their work, they need to be sure and convinced that the child is in right hands.

Child Day Care workers provide them with that assurance and let the parents concentrate on work while children are being taken care of.

Role of a Day Care Professional

The concept of a Childcare provider is not new. Earlier when both the parents would go out for work or other social functions, they would leave their kids with grandparents, friends or even neighbors.

But now times have changed. Most families are nuclear and thus grandparents might not be living in the same city or state. Everyone is too busy to take care of someone else’s kids for even a few hours let alone everyday for more than half of the day.

Now people look for child care professionals who can look after their kids while they are away.

A typical day in the lives of child care professionals includes:

  • Prepare daily schedules of activities
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Serving snacks
  • Making the children eat their meals properly
  • Tidying the playrooms
  • Play with the children
  • Narrate stories
  • Teach Children
  • Take children to toilets on regular intervals
  • Maintain hygiene of all places
  • Handle emergencies

Childcare workers not only work for toddlers and preschool children but also for school-going kids after school hours. Those who work in child care center feed, handle and play with the infants and provide care to children after school hours. They also teach children and make them complete their homework and other assignments.

Skills, Abilities & Personal Characteristics of a Child Day Care Worker

  • Ability to handle kids efficiently
  • Co-operate with parents
  • Handle Responsibilities well
  • Good Business sense
  • Physically strong
  • High level of patience
  • Ability to handle emergencies
  • Disciplined and Creative
  • Able to handle various tasks

Do I need a Child Day Care Training Course?

As a Daycare Provider, you need to understand various aspects of child care. You get to learn how to run Child Day Care centers, understand child psychology, run Pre-schools and other child care services that help children reach their full potential.

You learn about:

Child psychology
Nutritional needs
Child development
Creative play
First aid & Emergency care
Crafts & Painting
UN Convention on Children’s Rights
Quality Assurance

Though a lot of colleges are offering courses in child day care management; but before selecting a course, one should do a proper survey and choose the best course that would not only provide knowledge but also help in finding job. Ask the following questions:

  • Is the degree/ diploma the college offers accredited?
  • Does the program help you to start your own Child Day Care centre?
  • What is the experience of the faculty?
  • What internship and other hands-on learning opportunities are available?
  • Does the program assist you in placements after graduation?
  • Career Opportunities in Child Day Care Management

Childcare workers held about 1.5 million jobs last year. Many worked part time. About 2 out of 5 childcare workers are self-employed. Some of the organizations where Child Care Professionals can find employment are:

  • Child Daycare services
  • Primary Educational services
  • Nursing and Residential care facilities
  • Amusement and Recreation industries
  • Educational services
  • Civic and social organizations
  • Individual and family services

The earnings usually depend on experience and the kind of set-up one is working in. Job opportunities for childcare workers are expected to grow in the coming years.

Wages for Child Care professionals usually range between $20,000 and $40,000 per annum. With specialization and experience, one can become the director of the child care centre and increase their earnings by manifolds.

Working with kids can be a demanding yet fulfilling career option. With the growing need for skilled and responsible child care providers, a course in child daycare management can guarantee you an exciting and fruitful career.

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