Paint Protection – Like Skin Care

A ‘sacrificial’ layer on your vehicle will not wash away with cleaning or rain, or break down over a period of time because of the ceramic coating Canberra. It repels water, dirt. Are you willing to go to the beach with your skin exposed to the harmful UV rays? When we all know that these dangerous rays can cause scary skin cancer! Surprisingly, UV rays do the same thing to your car!

No matter how much you hide under the tree or use an umbrella, UV rays has its ways to get into your skin. Furthermore, there are many things that can cause skin damage-from the food we eat, things we use, and pollution. These things cause minimal to severe skin damage and makes the skin age faster. Skin protection alternatives are widely available in the market ranging from moisturizer, body lotion, creams, and more importantly sun block or sun screens.

One author said that taking care of your auto is like protecting your skin. If it is good to your skin, it’s good for your car, too. No we are not talking about you applying sun block to your auto, but a technology that protects your car from the entire damaging environment that deeply shield your car paint work and maintains your it’s value.

Paint Protection: Beyond Car’s Sun Block

Believed it or not, the parking lot outside establishments doesn’t serves anything other than a place where you can park your car under the broad day light, bird pooping, rain and small kids loitering around who happens to love scratching car surfaces. Even your regular car wash cannot minimize those nasty marks and scratches. Sending your car to car repair every time it has a scratch will make your wallet sob.

Is car waxing not enough?

It is, for car shining but not for a durable protection. Car waxing is like face moisturizers that can only help your skin hydrated but not protected. Sure, car wax will make your car really glossy but we know that it is wax and would wear off when exposed to the sun due to wax softening. The softened wax may even be more prone to pollutants, impurities and chemicals. In fact, wax doesn’t really adhere to your car and will eventually be washed off leaving your car with little or no protection. Even if you love how shiny show cars look, waxing is not enough for your car because you are out all day driving from home to work and running errands while show cars sit prettily inside the show room all day.

What wonders can paint protection do to your car?

Sometime called as the magic seal, paint protection can guarantee owners that their precious car finish is protected from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, road dirt, bug residue, stone chips, minor abrasions and even detergent. Why? Because these magic seal have higher resistance to acids, UV rays, alkaline, hot and cold water. They are made from thermoplastic polyurethane that has efficient properties that is elastic, transparent, and resists oil, grease and abrasion. Thus, it is a technology perfect for paint protection.

Paint protection at Revols Carz Makeover includes new technologies that assure beyond it’s protection. Try their ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection that is a permanent coating due to its inseparable sio2 molecular level that cannot be removed easily. It leaves your car glossy with an extremely tough scratch resistance shield and high hydrophobic self-cleaning surface. Another is their ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection which is a latest revolutionary glass coating paint protection that provides a glass-like and glossy protective shield that has a superior water bearing effect. For supreme and elite protection, here’s their GoldShield Paint Protection that creates a really tough protective layer as the paint pores are totally sealed prohibiting UV rays to penetrate the car finish and prevents is from oxidation. Revols Carz Makeover gives you a 3 years warranty of effortless maintenance and car protection.