Waste Disposal Methods to Reduce Waste at Schools

Because of the rapidly declining space in our landfill sites in the past few years, waste collection and proper waste disposal has become a kind of challenge for rubbish removal Northern Beaches Sydney. This challenge has been faced by all the sectors and more intensely by those that generate waste in huge quantities and one of them is the educational sector. Out of all the institutions covered by this sector, the top waste generating institution is the schools and therefore, they require special waste disposal Adelaide services. In this post, we have covered some very easy tips that will not just help in managing the waste, but also in reducing the garbage that they generate.

Can’t Use it? Donate It

  • The principle of waste management is very simple and basic and this generally involves using what you want and donating the rest that you don’t want.
  • This way, it will become very easy for these institutions the task of waste disposal because the garbage generated by them will get reduced a lot.
  • The best way to donate is picking one of the charitable organisations or donating them in an open donation camp right there in the school premises.


  • A very impressive method of reducing the garbage generated in the schools is composting the remains and this can start right from the school’s cafeteria and then, the remains of the lunch boxes that students bring there.
  • This can be done very easily by dumping the entire leftover in the composting pit and once, it turns into compost; it can be used right in the gardens and lawns in the school’s premises.
  • If it is more than required, there is an option of donating it or selling it commercially.


  • According to the experts of waste disposal services, if you find the process of composting very stressful, another option is using a compactor as this way; the amount of waste can be reduced drastically.
  • You can take the entire leftover to the nearby composting centre where, they will take this responsibility of composting it the way they need.

Team It Up

  • At schools, the students are the strength and you can use them to reach the goals related to recycling, collection and proper waste management as well as waste disposal.


  • You can definitely hire waste disposal company for this, but better results would be achieved with increased awareness of not just the students, but also of the teaching staff and support staff.

Modernize Yourself

  • A very impressive result can be guaranteed once you decide to take an initiative and this would initially involve going paperless and trying and cutting every possible thing that you can.
  • This will not just reduce the garbage, but at the same time it will help you save a lot of money back in your pockets.

There are several other small, but very influential steps that you can take to make sure that the garbage generated by the schools is reduced and the waste disposal process gets simplified. Some of them have been mentioned here.

  • Arrange recycling centre and recycling facilities
  • Encourage students for waste reduction
  • Go with buy-back recycling programs
  • Try for responsible management of garbage