The Happiest Place to Surf: Beaches Near Anaheim

Anaheim, California, is home to the happiest place on Earth. This slogan is attributed to the wonders of Disneyland, and tourists who visit Anaheim know about the countless other attractions that make this city uniquely appealing. However, for many of the locals, true happiness can only be found on the beach. Most surf contest held in Australia but then plane tickets are very expensive so I will ended up watching instead in my mobile.

Surfing is almost an addiction, and those who discover it often find that there is no turning back. True surfers will get up at dawn, hitting the waves at 6 AM before work and planning weekends around the best surfing spots. While such fanatics have usually already scouted and tried all the popular surfing breaks in Southern California, guests may have a harder time knowing where to start.

Anaheim itself does not have any direct access to the coast. However, this thriving tourist getaway is a short distance from many prominent beaches in the area. To give this classic Californian pastime a try, consider these four surfing spots during a trip to Anaheim.

1. Huntington Beach. When it comes to surfing, there is never a better place to start than Huntington Beach. In fact, the sport is so popular here that the beach is actually known as Surf City USA. This beach is perfectly tailored for surf culture and has numerous surf shops near the coast to support surfers of all skill levels. Novices can enjoy surf lessons while experts flock to Huntington Beach every July for the U.S. Open of surfing. Off the beach, guests can learn more about the sport and its distinctive history at the International Surfing Museum or the Surfers’ Hall of Fame. There is even a Surfing Walk of Fame to commemorate the best of the sport.

Huntington Beach is about 20 miles from Anaheim, making it easily accessible for a day trip. The beach stretches for 3.5 miles and features the longest concrete pier for public use in California. While it is a surfing hot spot, the beach is popular for many other reasons as well. There are often concerts on the sand, and the city nearby has numerous shops and restaurants. All in all, Huntington Beach is a great choice for a day on the water while visiting Anaheim.

2. Seal Beach. While many of the beaches near Anaheim are bustling with crowds, Seal Beach is a bit quieter. This beach is much less developed for tourism than other coastal areas, making the beach quainter. In all, Seal Beach is also much smaller with only one mile of coastline to enjoy, but the water is still a great place to give surfing a try. This quieter atmosphere makes Seal Beach especially popular with locals, and avid surfers enjoy the waves best with a south swell. Surf lessons for all ages are available, and Seal Beach also welcomes Surfing Santa each holiday season. All this makes Seal Beach an ideal choice for those who may be nervous about getting up on the board for the first time.

Seal Beach is the most northern option for surfing in Orange County and is approximately 22 miles from downtime Anaheim. It is also the home of the longest wooden pier in California, and numerous television shows and movies have been filmed along the shores. The town itself has an old-fashioned feel and is inviting for tourists looking to shop or eat during their time on the beach.

3. Newport Beach. Newport Beach is a vast seaside attraction with miles of coastline to enjoy. While the entire stretch of sand has something to offer, the best surfing is regarded to be at the 54th and 56th Street breaks, which both offer distinctive thrills. Another popular spot on Newport Beach is the Wedge. The Wedge is situated at the end of the Balboa Peninsula and is known for its challenging bodysurfing opportunities. These spots are usually quite crowded and may be best for those with some surfing experience. However, other stretches of Newport Beach provide opportunities for gentler waves, which may be best suited for beginners and casual surfers.

Newport Beach is located to the south of Anaheim, farther down the coastline from Huntington Beach. There are plenty of other opportunities for fun at Newport Beach as well since the area is full of energy and life. Newport Beach has the largest small craft yacht harbor in the country, and there are many opportunities to enjoy a harbor cruise during a visit. There are also plenty of other attractions nearby including Balboa Park, Catalina Island and upscale shopping at Fashion Island.

4. Laguna Beach. These days, Laguna Beach may be best known for the TV show filmed there, but Laguna Beach has been a popular surfing spot for years. The main beach is on the small side, which offers guests a more intimate experience on the water. Beyond that, the rest of Laguna Beach has unique inlets and unexpected patches of sand. This makes Laguna Beach a great place to explore, and the rocky inlets provide some great opportunities to surf. Some of the most common spots include Agate, St. Ann’s, Rockpile and Thalia Street. There are also opportunities for surf lessons available for those who may not be familiar with the sport.

Laguna Beach is 27 miles from Anaheim, which makes it accessible for a day trip. Although the area is popular, it still retains its low-key vibe, and the nearby town has a strong connection with the arts. Over the summer, Laguna Beach is home to a number of art festivals. The secluded beaches and coves are also well suited for walking, tide pooling, diving and more. There is also plenty of trendy shopping, upscale eating and other amenities to enjoy while visiting Laguna Beach. Learn more how to use your mobile surfing app.

While many guests take a day to frolic on the sands while visiting Anaheim, few understand the real appeal of the water. For many people in California, the beach is not simply an attraction. Rather, it is a way of life. Discover it for yourself on your next trip to Anaheim.

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