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The Five Most Important Decisions When Planning an Event

It is now to good to be true if we can celebrate for a corporate picnic Sydney during this time of pandemic but if most of the employees wear a mask it is still possible. You’ve just got engaged and are excited to plan the wedding of your dreams. Or perhaps you’ve been selected to plan this year’s company picnic for 500 employees. You want to make this event a success and show your boss that you deserve that promotion. Your charity is working on a fundraiser and needs you to handle the event. So where do you begin? What sort of information should you gather or what questions should you ask yourself before you start making any plans? Many of us can be unprepared for dealing with the planning details. These are the top five most important decisions that anyone planning a special event will need to make:

The Budget A budget is there to help guide you in your decisions. Events and all the many details can add up quickly. Whether you have $6,000 or $60,000 to spend, you should work up a realistic budget and stick to it. The key word here is realistic. You can’t decide that you’re going to spend $10,000 and then go crazy spending money without considering how it fits into the overall plan. If you do, you are sure to spend far more than you had planned to as well as create more stress for yourself and everyone around you. You may find that you will need to make less expensive choices or eliminate certain details to stay within your means, but it will make things go more smoothly and help keep relationships intact.

The Theme Every event has a purpose for its celebration and should reflect the personalities or philosophies of those who are being celebrated. Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a fundraiser, or a corporate function, it’s about people, isn’t it? Think about why you are having this event and the mood you are trying to create. The love of two people (wedding), the longevity of a marriage and life together (anniversary), the accomplishments of your employees and groundwork for the future of the company (corporate event) – the guests attending are expecting to see the personality of the people or company being celebrated. The theme will set the tone for the event and therefore, plays an important role in the overall plan. Many of the decisions will be centered on this one aspect, including the venue, the menu, guest gifts or giveaways, decorations, and possibly the attire.

The Venue Choosing a venue isn’t just about what you can afford or the location. It goes beyond that. A good event planner will insure that the venue will be conducive to the theme of the event, is comfortable to hold the number of planned participants, has the right acoustics for music, and has sufficient space for catering, serving and table set up, plus any other details that are an important part of the day’s activities. Do a little research on your own and don’t be afraid to look for something a little unconventional. Bring your ideas to the event planner and ask for additional help in selecting the perfect venue for the occasion.

The Caterer A good caterer offers a variety of menu options and can help guide you on choices for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and any special dietary or ethnic requirements. Other details such as linen, tableware, silverware, table arrangement, and serving staff are planned to best serve the guests and keep things flowing. Look for a caterer that has experience in the type of party you are planning or one that specializes in the type of cuisine you seek. The caterer is responsible for providing high quality food, fresh ingredients, picture-perfect presentation, and top-notch service. Think about it – people will associate your event with the food that was served. The venue and d├ęcor may be beautiful, but it is the caterer who is ultimately responsible for the success of your event. To put it simply, if people loved the food and the serving staff, they’ll have wonderful memories of the occasion and of you!!

The Event Planner Having someone to help you plan your event takes many of the burdensome and overwhelming tasks off your plate. You are a participant in decision-making, but the event planner’s job is to oversee all the details of your event from concept to completion. Sometimes that means gently guiding the client to make choices that stay within budget and that will work well with the theme and purpose of the event. The event planner will manage your event from start to finish, ensuring that everything is beautifully coordinated, is tastefully done, and best of all will handle any unexpected crisis that may arise. Having an event planner lets you relax and enjoy the day. Hiring an event planner should be included your budget. Their services and fees vary depending on their involvement. Keep in mind that some caterers offer event planning as part of their services and often do not charge an additional fee.

Remember, setting up a budget and doing a little pre-planning before you meet with your event planner/caterer will go a long way. Bring your ideas and list of important must-haves to your consultation and you’ll be on your way to creating a memorable event for you and your guests.

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