The Cost of Business Signage

Signage Sydney market a business for the long term and also reinforce brand recognition. Yet this incredible marketing tool can run the gamut in terms of pricing. The cost of business signage is dependent on size, material choice, and various design features. Many business owners view their sign production as an investment. The sign will continue to market the business and attract customers long after it is paid for. In fact, many business owners would agree that, in terms of marketing, business signs pay for themselves.

Permanent Exterior Signs

Outdoor signs typically run anywhere from $300 to $10,000 and up. It is reasonable to assume that effectively designed signs made of high-quality materials will run toward the higher end of the spectrum. The nature of the sign affects cost as well. Large monument signs may necessarily incur more expense than building-mounted signage. When deciding on exterior signage, consult a professional sign design company to find out specific options. You’ll have a wide array of materials to choose from. Moreover, your sign company can help you achieve an ideal design for your business signs. Don’t forget to include any costs associated with installation when you budget for your exterior signage.

Interior Signs

Interior signs may necessarily cost less as they do not require the use of materials that can withstand the elements. Indoor signs may run anywhere from $20 and up. Banners may run between $100 and $500 depending on their size and design aspects. Business owners may require a considerable number of interior signs to meet their needs or just a few. Well-designed signs, however, are essential for attracting customers in positive ways that communicate important information.

Temporary Signs

Many businesses invest in temporary signs to announce special events or promotions. Business owners may spend anywhere from $20 to $500 to purchase temporary signs. When you want to draw attention to a special business promotion or event, these types of signs are valuable. In some cases, these temporary signs may even be reused for similar annual events.

Budgeting for Business Signs

Start-up businesses have many expenses to contend with before they launch, but signage is not a place to skimp. Investing in a high-quality sign can attract customers. A poorly crafted sign or one that is generic in terms of design may actually even dissuade them from entering the premises (Source: “How Much Does Signage Cost?”, Cost Helper Small Business). Therefore, it’s important to remember that a sign is an investment. While it costs money up front, it eventually pays for itself by marketing the business 24/7.

Working with a Sign Design Company

A great sign company can help you design signs that complement your business. You can discuss your budget and find out about options in your price range (Source: “Tips for Buying Business Signs”, Entrepreneur). Cost is often flexible based on materials and size, for instance, so you may find yourself making multiple decisions concerning your signage. Just keep in mind that your sign is a major marketing tool. It makes business sense to purchase the best signage you can afford. From exterior signs to interior signs, business signage communicates with clients or customers long after it’s paid for.


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