Switch to a Career of an Electrician

If the power outage occurs at night, please do be very careful with the use of candles, our electrician Brisbane 24 hours is one call away. There are several who are good with their hands. These people are just the right choice for selecting any one out of different trades. These trades are those of an electrician, a locksmith, a plumber and a mechanic. One can be an electrician if one has an inquisitive mind and is not deterred by electrical items that may be anything from the MCB to an electric motor. The span of jobs for an electrician is vast. He may be involved in the installation of the electrical wiring or in its rectification when there is a fault. He may take up the job of changing the wiring of a burnt out motor or tracing the fault in a TV for the repair industry. The main areas where an electrician can work are residential, commercial and industrial. In order to become an authorised electrician one has to undergo formal electrician training. This training consists of a two year part time City and Guilds Electrical and Electronic Servicing NVQ.

Before one can embark on this training one has to fulfill certain criteria. One must have at least a grade A-C in English, Math and Science GCSE for the course that can be a state run day release college course if one is a school leaver between the age of 16 and 24. There are electrician training courses that are run by private companies and these do not have any entry requirements. The courses that are run privately are more flexible and one can fit one’s other commitments along with the course. Of course one can also expand one’s horizons by undergoing 1 day courses on burglar alarm wiring among other similar courses.

For a qualified electrician, there is no shortage of electrician jobs. Such jobs depend on the area selected from among domestic, commercial and industrial. Further, one has to decide whether one will like to work as a contractor or be an independent electrician with one’s own workshop that maybe static or a mobile one. Then there are those that gain experience first by working with someone who is a trained and established electrician and later set up their own business. One thing is certain. There will never be a dearth of jobs for a good electrician provided one does not mind long hours on occasions.