Storyboard Artist Giuseppe Cristiano joining Project Red Card – yet another brilliant addition signed to the film project!

We are so proud and excited to announce and Welcome Storyboard Artist Giuseppe Cristiano to the Team of Project Red Card and the filmmaking of trailer/feature “Red Card”. Hire storyboard artist Sydney in your future film making projects because they are really good at it.

Giuseppe Cristiano was born in Italy but has for many years lived in Sweden, and travelled between Europe and the USA. He is a former comic artist, a scriptwriter and has been drawing storyboards for almost two decades. He freelances for advertising agencies and film production companies in Europe and USA, involved in TV commercial, animation, music videos and feature films. Over the years he has written and published several books and manuals making him the only artist who has written the most books about Storyboard in the whole World. He has published as many as 7 titles up until now for well known international publishers such as Thames & Hudson, Barron’s, Michael Wiese Productions. Some of his books are currently used in Colleges and Film Schools worldwide where he also occasionally lectures in “Technique for Cinema and Television”, “Storyboard and Visualizing” and “Creative Scriptwriting”. In Sweden he has been giving classes and workshops at Dramatiska, Bergs, Medieskolan, Forsbergs, Konstfack, Karlstad University etc. His experience varies from Animation, Music Video, Advertising, Feature Film, Video Games, Events and more. He also produces concept art, design, illustrations for print and magazines.


“It is great and amazing to have Giuseppe on board this project. His talent and skillfulness will add another dimension to the trailer / feature “Red Card”. This is such a great addition and we feel so proud to have him with us, Welcome Giuseppe! – Maria Vascsak

Film trailer/feature “Red Card” plot outline:
As an international referee is found murdered the media focuses on a network of match-fixing which extends right up to the FIFA headquarters. The former promising talent, Martin Kohler, now a well-regarded digital forensics, becomes involved in the case. But the tracks are leading to the one he loves. One he would do anything to protect

Behind Project Red Card is Maria Vascsak Agency , Manager Maria Vascsak, in charge of the project, and a tremendous Team!

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