Rankbrain Latest on Google Algorithm Update

RankBrain has been around since 2015 and every online marketer knows its importance for SEO. Now, it has been updated and knowing about it will help you improve your Search engine optimization further in this New Year. Specialising in best SEO company Sydney (technical website audits, high-quality link acquisition, and focused content marketing), we have a deep understanding of search engine optimisation.

Let’s take a closer look how it will affect the process today.

Originally launched on October 26, 2015, Google’s RankBrain has created a spur among the online marketers. It has been helping users to search queries more efficiently. This artificial intelligence system that has emerged as a significant application in the world of SEO has further been updated for more efficient use today.

Google announced RankBrain as the third most significant ranking signal parameter in recent times. Hence, Google RankBrain 2018 will now become even more important than ever before.

What is Google’s RankBrain?

RankBrain, artificial intelligence (AI) program is used to help process Google search queries. It is designed as a machine learning system so that it can embed vast amounts of written language into mathematical entities (vectors) that the computer can understand.

RankBrain is unique because, when it sees an unfamiliar word or phrase it uses AI to instantly search terms that have a similar meaning that a user has typed. Next, it filters the result accordingly.

Google has taken this exceptional initiative to give its users only the most useful results for their search queries. Google’s goal is to offer the searchers the most appropriate and relevant content. According to Google, RankBrain offers different results in different countries for the same query. This is because the measurements in each state are different, despite the similar names.

How vital is RankBrain?

RankBrain is among those signals that go into an algorithm to determine what results appear on a Google search page. Further, it identifies where they are ranked. According to Google, it’s the third most crucial factor in determining the results that appear in your search queries.

Today, with Google algorithm update Rank Brain is reported to be responsible for 15% of all online searches. Now, this has evolved as one of the most important signals amidst many factors used to determine search ranking.

Google RankBrain 2018

As an AI system, RankBrain is constantly upgrading itself by understanding specific metrics- time on page and bounce rates. Additionally, it has been allowing Google to understand phrases it may not have dealt with before.

The recent years have seen considerable changes in the search pattern; most searchers are using much longer and more complicated search queries and terms. Often a user can type whole sentences or use long tail keywords (recent trends today) to find an answer. With Google algorithm update, RankBrain will help to find answers effectively.