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How To Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

Online businesses have a continued need for new, original content for their websites and blogs. Since every entrepreneur may not also be an excellent content writer, the need for professional content writers with an expertise in search engine optimization is inevitable.


If you are faced with a similar situation, you may benefit from knowing how to find the right content writer who writes good SEO content that will add value to your business website and also improve your search engine ranking. Another important element to take into consideration before hiring a content writer is the cost. You need someone who writes well and charges a suitable fee. One option could be to interview writers as you would for a regular position in your business. However, a more convenient, speedy and economical option is looking for content writers on the Internet.

In an effort to go through the whole process very quickly, many online business owners simply go to an online writing service or a content writer’s blog, and place an order immediately. If you do the same, the possibility that you may not end up with good-quality content is quite high. Simply because the website of the content writing service looks good does not signify that they will definitely provide quality content. The professionalism of such a service should be assessed on completely different parameters. You need to deal with this process very carefully, diligently and patiently to find the best content writer for long-term benefits to your business.

Before you initiate your search for an SEO writer, determine the amount of money you are willing to invest in the content. You need to then look at the price that the content writer or service is asking for. Your objective is to find a writer who fits your budget, while producing excellent SEO content. You may come across a few affordable options among the writing services that produce good-quality content in comparison to the more expensive ones, but generally, you will get what you are paying for.

To start off the process strategically, start by exploring your online options by conducting a keyword search for SEO content writers. You will end up with a long list of possible content writers and content writing services. Review the websites critically and select the ten best options. Start communicating with them and ask for their pricing strategy.

Ask for references and samples from the writers who are asking for a higher fee as well as the ones charging a comparatively lower fee. You will get an idea about the difference in the quality of the writing and use of SEO strategies, such as keyword density and appropriate use of these keywords.

A good writer should be accessible and visible. To determine the authenticity of your SEO content writer, you can check their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The response time of the content writer will also establish their professionalism with replies to emails not taking longer than 24 hours. Establish a communication strategy such as email, texting, Skype or messenger options.

Most content writing does not require technical expertise, therefore, instead of hiring a technical writer, look for a writer with a humorous and conversational style. The tone, quality and writing style are what make online content effective. These qualities will determine how well readers will connect with the content. Avoid hiring fresh writers because experience in web content writing is extremely important.

Lastly, treat your selected writers well, because establishing a professional relationship with good writers will motivate them to produce good content, meet deadlines, thus improving your online presence and SEO efforts.

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