Homeschooling and Common Reasons Why Many Are Choosing to Home School

Our aged care courses Sydney provide you with the training required to address the special needs of the elderly. Have you been thinking about homeschooling or Unschooling? You may have been thinking about it for a long time or not and just need a little more information to get started. I would like to talk about the homeschooling options as well as some common reasons why many choose to educate their children and them self in this way. I say them self because one key thing to remember about homeschooling is that it is not just a way for children to get educated, it is also a huge learning experience for the whole family!

First thing to consider is why do you want to begin homeschooling or unschooling. Some common reasons are shown below.

Safety: Many parents just do not feel a school environment is safe or not safe enough for their children. Bullies, harassment, sex, drugs and sometimes even guns and gang violence, are unfortunately just getting worse in today’s public schools. Drugs, sex, and harassment have even become common place in many schools around the US, and it is only getting worse.

Religious or philosophical: Many conservative families are unhappy with the liberal direction of the public schools and would rather be responsible for their children’s education and teach them what they feel is morally right and wrong. Many homeschooling families prefer a more religious centered education and find it more easily attainable in a home school or unschool setting. Its not just conservative families, all kinds of families are choosing some form of homeschooling for their family, all around families are taking responsibility for their families education as well as what they are exposed to and when.

Education: Homeschooling families believe that the school systems are failing children, a better education awaits them through homeschooling and unschooling. Many believe that schools do not teach children how to think for them self (think inside the box) and are designed to teach children how to get a job and work for someone else their whole life, opposed to teaching children how to be creative, think out side the box, explore new ideas, and learn how to use their creativity in all areas of their life including entrepreneurship, schools just don’t teach this stuff. It is important for schooled kids to sit, be quiet and do as they are told, all important skills for a job that lasts for the next 40 years of their life or more. By the time they are free and have the time to do other things they are to sick, tired and broke. Many home school families simply want more for their children than that, we may as well be free in a free country.

Their are many options for homeschooling, some families participate in a Charter program were it is ran by a public school and the state, this type is much like independent study and is great for families who are just getting started. Families also have the charter school option online this also is a independent study program. Many home school families choose the private school option and choosing to register their home as a private school, this way all curriculum, materials, lessons plans and more are all provided by the parents. Since the 1970’s a new form of home school as become an option and is gaining in popularity, and it is unschooling. With unschooling families still have to comply with their states home school law and that is not hard to do. Typical unschoolers do not use a formal curriculum, schedule or lesson plan and is mostly individual driven learning (or child driven learning), that is when the children learn what they happen to be interested in at the time. Children learn from living life and doing what they love and want to do.

Homeschooling allows children to learn were they live, play, and socialize. Homeschooling children love to learn because much of the time they are learning what they love and with the people they love the most, their family! Home schooled children learn about real life because they live in real life. They go to the store, park, play sports and even help mom and dad pay bills. There is no end to the education that home schooled kids can have and they would never get siting in a classroom all day, most of their young life.

I hope this article has helped you learn a little more about why families are choosing home school for their family.

To Your Families Success!

Joanne Utke

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