Bot-integrated Event Apps For An Elevated Audience Experience

Market experts and industry leaders are focusing on chatbot development and exploring its potentials to the fullest. Right from banking, e-commerce, real estate to event industry, each sector is resorting to improved customer support with the use of Artificial Intelligence-led bots. Especially, the event industry, is working towards boosting attendee experience and engagement with in-app bots. Event professionals are integrating these bots within their event apps, to drive audience engagement, and streamline the process of event management. Today’s kids expect a fun, exciting and different experience in a birthday function rooms Melbourne.

Right from helping an attendee register at the venue to helping organisers measure the success of the conference or exhibition, a chatbot can do it all. These are embedded within mobile applications. They help brands connect with their audiences better.

Basically, bots are capable of helping:

  • Businesses respond to customers quickly
  • Companies cut down on their costs incurred on human support personnels
  • Customers retrieve important facts and information in real-time
  • Event marketers collect valuable statistics for evaluation

In essence, AI-powered chatbots are capable of improving the experiences of both the organisers and the attendees. An AI bot can help people reserve seats at event sessions, book transports, rent booths, access agendas and itineraries, and a lot more. Simply by using a bot, integrated within an event app, you can perform all of the aforementioned tasks, and more.

This apart, brands can use this AI technology to send real-time notifications and alerts (with respect to specific stall numbers, session timings, alterations in the exhibitor lists, banquet halls, venue details, contests, etc.) to the attendees. This rids the event managers from hiring additional support staffs for the job.

Bots also help the delegates connect with fellow delegates via the Meeting Module. This is an in-app feature which allows users to view the custom profiles of other attendees. If a user wants to set up meetings with other participants, he can simply select his preferred candidate from the profile list, and set up a particular time for the meeting. This initiates networking. It helps people increase their business contacts. One-on-one meetings also allow attendees to form new business tie-ups, start new ventures and collaborate with other businesses for improved partnerships. It opens up newer avenues for business growth. Basically, such an in-app module allows participants to form new business associations and alliances. It gives them an opportunity to get in touch with like-minded people in the conference or workshop.

Not only does a bot help attendees with various solutions and information, it also helps the organisers measure the success of their workshop or exhibition, through in-app analytics dashboard. Yes, organisers can access these statistics and data retrieved from the dashboard, to understand interactions between the bot and its users and duration of each interactive session. The analytics also give the marketing professionals an idea about people’s likes and dislikes, and accordingly the marketers redesign their strategies to enhance their conferences for better results in future. The developers also get a detailed perspective about the bot’s performance and how this AI technology can be improved for better customer experiences in future.

In a nutshell, a bot, embedded within an app for events, boosts audience experience, and it also helps the organisers and the marketers understand their customers a lot better. Are you ready to take a leap and create your own bot for your future exhibitions and conferences?