Boost your Erie, NY Home’s Curb Appeal with these Driveway Renovation Ideas

Your driveway is often the first thing visitors experience as they approach your home from the curb. First impressions are everything, and the design of your Erie, NY driveway can therefore have a great impact on how your home and landscape are viewed and admired. Consider straying from generic asphalt and gravel options and enter the realm of sophisticated, durable paved driveways. The following aesthetic touches should help you create an unforgettable driveway that will set your home apart from the rest. Just remember the cost of new driveway Perth renovation will take more weeks to finish.

Showcase the beauty of natural stone

Natural stone is generally regarded as a poor candidate for driveways as its durability pales in comparison to that of concrete pavers. The stones used would need to be incredibly thick in order to compensate for the natural flaws within them and to withstand the regular pressure of vehicular traffic. However, the spontaneous patterns, textures and rich color variations that define their unique surfaces are highly sought after. There are many Unilock concrete pavers that can mimic the timeless beauty and tranquility of natural stone while contributing the unbeatable endurance of concrete to your driveway. Unilock’s Richcliff and Thornbury pavers bear pleasant flagstone textures that create warm, welcoming and luxurious surfaces. Pair a natural stone driveway with sleek, contemporary architecture for a striking hardscape design.

Incorporate circular patterns

Creating concentric rings of pavers is a great way to create a focal point that interrupts a large, flat expanse of stone. Circular patterns are compatible with a range of other laying patterns and the combination of more than one paving pattern within your driveway can make it more captivating and add visual interest to the surface. The small spaces between the pavers in the circle should be filled with jointing sand that either complements or contrasts the color palette of your landscape. The jointing sand can reflect a color within another element of your landscape, such as your home or retaining walls.

Create an earthy driveway

Driveways can be made to appear natural by incorporating meandering shapes and lines into their design. Selecting earthy pavers that complement other natural features within the landscape can also help to achieve a more earthy effect. Unilock’s Brussels Block pavers, for example, bear irregular textures that flow seamlessly into the natural rock and stone structures that might surround them. Consider framing your driveway in a border of rich, earthy Copthorne pavers that add warmth to the surface and reflect the fertile soil in nearby plant beds.

Integrate captivating interlocks

An intricate paving pattern can potentially transform a mundane driveway into a captivating focal point. Utilizing three or more paver sizes can result in a design that bears a random or spontaneous appearance, perfect for rustic, textured driveways. Consider utilizing three slightly different shades of the same paver, in three different sizes, for a unique and captivating surface. Selecting one or two paver sizes can help to create a more understated and uniform driveway that might better suit contemporary hardscape designs. Interlocks are not only tools with which draw focus to your driveway, but also contribute added strength to the surface and enable quick repairs to individual pavers within the interlocking system.