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Ask ten people which they think is the best ski resort and you will probably get ten different answers; the main reason for this is that everyone looks for different things in any holiday, this is particularly true of skiing holidays. Canada ski trip are picturesque, not to mention state-of-the-art, well maintained, and easy to get to.

The first time I ever went skiing it was the most amazing experience, even though I didn’t know how to skit or even have any equipment other than a decent warm winter coat and gloves, the whole memory is one that I will never ever forget.

My first skiing holiday was in Bulgaria, this type of location largely interested me because it was quite cheap, and obviously not really knowing if I would like it or not this had to be a factor. However the hotel was simply amazing and backed up onto a whole set of amazing and very picturesque slopes it just looked like something straight off a postcard.

The skiing lifts were in full operation and there were many people enjoying the slopes, some were skiing, some were snowboarding and some of the people were just eating at the restaurants and watching everyone else enjoy themselves.

A short way from the hotel was the main kiosk and large changing rooms where you could go and get your ski hire and of course pay for the ski lifts. The costs of ski and associated equipment hire was very reasonable, following the ski hire we were on the slopes within 30 minutes and all very excited about what was to come.

The group I was with had already paid for the training course which typically takes about five days, the ski instructors in Bulgaria were excellent and very experienced. One thing that sticks in my mind is how protective the instructors were of the people they were teaching, never letting anyone over stretch themselves and always being on hand to help when things appeared to be going wrong.

You can pay for a training course there and then at the kiosk as many freelance skiing instructors were on hand, but yet again costs were reduced by paying in advance. There of course several other locations that are excellent for skiing but Bulgaria will always be a very fond memory for me, and I have to say the costs were very reasonable.

So if you are looking for a first time skiing experience that offers great value and fantastically priced instruction you could do far worse than taking a trip to amazing Bulgaria.

My top skiing locations are:

1. Bulgaria – Bansko was my favourite location, great slopes, excellent restaurants and all the ski lifts function well. Also fantastic instruction from world class instructors.

2. Heavenly ski resort – located on lake Tahoe, probably the largest ski resort in the US from here you can ski the slopes of Calafornia and Nevada

3. Madesimo – Italy, Located on the border between Italy and Switzerland, a stunning European location for skiing, fantastic restaurant facilities great slopes and fully functional equipment and ski hire.

4. Le grand Bornand – France, Traditional French village near La Clusaz, amazing slopes for all styles (beginners, Intermediate, advanced skiers). Reasonably priced hotels and nice restaurants.

5. AX Les Thermes high up in the Pyrenees, features good slopes with great levels of snow and snow cannons.

6. Alagna Valsesia – Italy, sports one of the and highest ski lifts, more for the advanced skiers with great off piste skiing areas.

7. Le Grand Puy – France, features 1300 – 1800 metres high altitude slopes, this resorts operates excellent slopes with different level for beginners right through to expert skiers.

8. Zambla – Italy, this resort features good facilities for snow boarding as well as skiing, excellent restaurants and very reasonable hotel facilities.

9. Mont Tremblant – Canada (Quebec) – Very close to Montreal and one of the oldest ski resorts in North America, amazing picturesque views, good hotels reasonably priced and an excellent all round ski resort.

10. Cortina – Italy high in the Italian alps, nice resorts, great stylish ski resort again with excellent skiing and snow boarding facilities.

When you plan to go skiing for the first time, be sure to take with you essentials like a good first aid kit, also its always wise to buy your skiing clothing before you go (High quality coat, Skiing pants, gloves etc) not only will this most probably be much cheaper, it is also ensures your clothing is warm, comfortable and most importantly of all fits well. Click here to ensure that you have got the right package.

Best Ski Resorts

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